As State Representative for District 4, I will work to create ambitious, optimistic, and justice-based policies. I will advocate for accessibility, affordability, and equity in housing, environment, government, workforce, education, and mobility.


Historically, Detroit has led the nation in home ownership and still has sufficient land to accommodate all residents. However, there is a lack of affordable housing, and homeowners are losing their homes by the thousands each year. We need to support homeowners through tax foreclosure reform, but we also need to support renters by enforcing standards which prohibit slumlord behavior and predatory land contracts. Everyone wins when we fight to support homeowners and renters, as the resulting neighborhood stability will benefit our state as a whole.

More detailed policy discussion here.

Environmental Quality

Our state laws must reflect the value of Michigan’s abundant natural resources. Current policies need to be changed to better protect our air, water, and other environmental assets. These policies should include improved standards for renewable energy, protections for community members who live in areas of industry, and the right of every citizen to access safe, clean, and affordable water.

More detailed policy discussion here.


I believe that emergency management in Detroit needs to end. It is an undemocratic policy that has stolen countless votes from Detroit and Hamtramck residents, trapping them in a system of state oversight with no clear exit strategy. Similarly, gerrymandering has severely reduced the power of voters across the state, leading to a non-representative democracy which perpetuates this problem on a larger scale. We need policies that respect our democracy and restore the power of the vote. 


There is nothing more critical to the future of our region than education. State laws and oversight stemming from privatization and emergency management have negatively impacted local schools with solutions that hurt more than help, including careless school closures and wasted resources. We need to work with educators and communities to create policies which allow schools to grow and improve rather than shutting them down, and we need to overhaul financing to close the income-education gap. 


Despite being at the heart of the automotive industry, many Detroit and Hamtramck residents are unable to afford the costs of driving. We need a transportation system that brings us together rather than keeping us apart. I will push for policies that address insurance redlining, road repair, and quality public transportation.


A strong labor workforce is integral to a strong economy and quality of life for Michigan residents. I believe that a person who works full time should earn enough money to provide for themselves and their family. I will work to support organized labor and also reinforce policies at a state level that reinforce the values that organized labor works for including fair and equitable wages, paid sick leave, and others. 


I will be a fierce defender of immigrants, minorities, women, children, LGBTQ, returning citizens and any other populations that are vulnerable to discrimination or reduced access to opportunity. I believe in inclusive, equitable society that uplifts and embraces different histories, religions, politics, identities and perspectives.