Restoring Democracy Policy Plan

We need policies that respect our democracy and restore the power of the vote. We need fair elections and clean government. We need advocates for true democracy.

Emergency Management

  • We cannot allow the state to deny its people democracy through a system of emergency management.
  • Emergency management removes agency from local communities and essentially gives the state government unchecked power in cities like Detroit and Flint.
  • Emergency management is usually declared in places with high African-American and low-income populations, and used as a way for the state government to override local governments in these communities.
  • We must end emergency management in our public schools once and for all.

Gerrymandering and Voter Suppression

  • Gerrymandering is racist, classist policy that makes some voters’ votes count more than others, based on the way voting districts are constructed.  
  • We must fund a redistricting committee to fairly redraw voting districts in Michigan, and make sure that every vote counts and one person = one vote. No more, no less.
  • Oppose Voter ID laws that disenfranchise low-income people without a government-issued ID.
  • Expand early voting and no-reason absentee voting.
  • Preregister sixteen and seventeen year olds in school and have their registrations automatically processed once they turn eighteen.
  • We must end car insurance redlining, and not allow car insurance zip code determinants to act as a form of voter suppression. Voters should not be hesitant to register to vote at their current addresses for a fear of an increase in their car insurance rates.
  • We must ensure that people who were formerly incarcerated are fully aware that they are eligible to vote.

Money in politics

  • We need to reform campaign finance laws, and not allow our politicians to be bought by corporate money.  
  • We need to get corporate money out of politics, out of our schools, out of small business industries, out of environmental harms, and out of housing affordability.
  • We need to enforce transparency and require that the government be subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
  • We need to require lobbyists to disclose their funding.